Pakistan is MUCH Happier Than India: World Happiness Report

Pakistan is Happier Than India: We have the most unsatisfactory politicians, we have no pure water, we have no electricity, inflammation rates touching sky, terrorism is not fully vanished, YET we are blessed with many things and we have realization. This realization and hope for the good days has made us happy. It is proved by the UN World Happiness Report. Yes, Pakistan is happier than many other countries.

According to the report, Pakistan is on 75th rank on the scale of happiness out of 155 countries. Bangladesh is on 115th, India on 133rd and Afghanistan on 145th.

The criteria of happiness for the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network’s (SDSN) 2018 World Happiness Report is based on social support, GDP per capita, healthy life expectancy, generosity, social freedom and lack of corruption.

Finland is the happiest country and Burundi is the least happy country. The report also tells that as America is getting richer, its people are getting less happy. Last year United States was on 14th place, but now at 18th place. Britain is at 19th rank and UAE on 20th.

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Sometimes I feel we are so blessed that even in these country crises we Pakistanis have lesser problems of depressions as compared to other developed countries. It inspires me the way people share their bread with others. No matter how poor we are, we are one of the generous countries who think less and donate more.

Also, there is no bigger happiness than coming above India in a positive context, and yes Pakistan is happier than India.