Pakistan Army Dancing With Local People Is All You Need To Watch Today

Maybe I am too inclined towards Pakistani Army, or maybe too involved with the sacrifices their families face for the peace and security of citizens of Pakistan. I love to promote such small deeds of love and affection from our brave soldiers towards local people. For instance, this video made my day today,

I am amazed by the love these people have towards army. These tribal people saw Pakistan’s army men in their area, stopped them and insisted them to have aftari with them.

A word with Army Public School survivor 

The pages of history are filled with sacrifices done by our brave soldiers. I still remember the days when there were suicide blasts every week in prominent areas of country. I still remember the tragedy took place on 16th December in APS when Raheel Sharif said that now terrorists have attacked on our hearts and we won’t let it go. And we all know what happened afterwards.

From the mothers of APS Shuhada…

We Owe you Pakistan Army! Long Live Pakistan Army, Long Live Pakistan!