Five Overrated Couples Of Pakistan Showbiz Industry

Most Overrated Couples Of Pakistan Showbiz: Our showbiz industry is like any international media industry where we follow the lives of the celebrities to the point of getting TMI (too much information). Here are the 5 model/ actor couples who made it to our list of overrated celebrity couples we need to take a break from.

1. Urwa and Farhan

We have had our share of being bombarded with this couple’s appearance where ever they went especially when they were getting married. They have made it to news and appealed to the masses for both positive and negative reasons; their dressing being the point of discussion mostly.

Urwa and Fahad
via Something Haute

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2. Hira and Mani

This couple has come a long way. Come on, just look at their wedding photo and then how they played lets marry again on a morning show. Or have they not? But Hira has definitely expressed to morning show hosts she would love to reenact her shadi in modern times with better make up and dress. Whatever else, Hira sure has proved her acting skills are way better than her husband’s.

Hira Mani
via Pakistani Drama Celebrities

3. Syra Yousaf and Shehroz Shazwari

The young couple gained a lot of popularity more for getting together than their acting skills. They haven’t been on any morning shows that the majority of our population watches but they have made their mark on instagram. Yes they are cute. Let us move on, please!

Syra and Shehroz
via Tumblr

4. Uroosa and Bilal Qureshi

If there is one couple who got on our nerves by appearing on morning shows and declaring to the world how madly they love each other – it is this one. They got their share of limelight when they both hooked up, appearing cute and adorable. Then it just got out of hand when Bilal made sure to over act on all morning shows.

Uroosa and Bilal
via Pinterest

5. Zara Noor and Asad Siddiqui

Some celebrities make it big of their relatives in industry before they can prove their merit as an actor. This is the story of the couple below. They also got media attention for getting together after ditching their exes. The beautiful couple has been talk of the town on morning shows as well as social media. Is anyone else feeling suffocated?

Zara and Asad
via YouTube

It is not that we don’t appreciate our actors who entertain us with their make ups and break ups. Oh and yes their acting too but we do not want to suffocate ourselves we unnecessary coverage of the celeb couple since they are very cute.

Aray bai cute tu hum bhi hain :p