FREEDOM FIGHTERS are the ones who fought the 1857 war for independence against British. Freedom fighters were also the ones who sacrificed their wealth, prestige, honor, respect, life, relations, in short everything you can dream of to achieve Pakistan in 1947. I would say freedom fighters are those mothers who have sacrificed their children on the name of terrorism. They are ones who have lost their loved ones in bomb blasts. And most importantly, they are ones who fight at the borders to give us a peaceful sleep. Freedom fighters are those parents and widows who have lost their sons and husbands for fighting and being martyred at such young ages. And the list goes on.

How on earth, Ms.Sharmeen Obaid Chinnoy has become a “FREEDOM FIGHTER” for opening a school in Karachi. There are thousands of schools in Karachi working very well. Is Karachi a battle ground where no one goes to school? Of course not! I am shocked on seeing this post on world’s famous singer Madonna’s Facebook wall. This post is from April 2014. I agree at that time, Karachi was not enjoying peace as it is now, but by the Grace of Allah SWT, Karachi kids have always been going to school.

I am sure we all love our country, and no one has right to defame our country on every front internationally. She brings Oscars home on cost of ruining the impression of our Pakistan, and considers it achievement. We as a nation are not perfect. We might not be very hard working. But we are not that bad as well.  We know that there are so many things in our country which are priceless from all angles. We respect all our Freedom Fighters, and Sharmeen Obaid is definitely not one of them.