Online Community Backlashed Reham Khan On “Bearded Picture”-Ismael Menk Comment Is BEST

What I don’t understand about Reham Khan is, Ye Bibi kia soochti hain, or to be honest, it seems as if she has lot and lot and lot of free time. She is on twitter 24/7, commenting primarily on her 2nd number ex-husband Imran Khan, and doing funny things, means funny in her own definition. 

Social Media Trolled Reham Khan on Her Message of Erdogan’s Victory 

Today she tweeted a picture,

OBVIOUSLY it infuriated social media, and people started commenting. However Mufti Ismail Menk, a prestigious Islamic Scholar comment took the ground.


Hope Reham Khan now upgrades her sense of humour. I wonder how much trolling she can bear…