The “One” most inspiring fact about Junaid Jamshed life & Death

A lot of people inspire us throughout life, at different stages of our own struggles and in many ways. Junaid Jamshed has been one such person, for me personally and in general for the Pakistanis. His decision to quit singing in order to become a more practicing Muslim drew a lot of praise and criticism both. The showbiz fraternity was especially vocal about their disappointment about his decision. In matters of religion, there is a bigger picture, one that Junaid Jamshed saw past his the fame and glamour of the world he was part of.

The path of religion is an anti thesis of our worldly life especially when it is about stardom and money. Indeed it must have been a struggle for the singer at the peak of his career to make such a drastic change. It is tough. No, it is near to impossible. It was just a ray of light, a powerful ray of light that brought him out of singing and showed him the path of Allah.

Allah’s Planning for JJ

Today as I struggle to write about him, for he was the singer I memorized all songs of and later saw him become a different person altogether; I feel like I m in awe. In awe of how God’s planning works; in awe of the persistence of a human being to stay determined and focused. Was he a chosen soul then?

I say chosen soul for two reasons. Firstly because with no family background in singing, he still made his name in the world of music. Nationally and internationally he became an icon. Secondly because Allah gave him luck and success in both the paths he chose in his life. He was lucky for he was loved by everyone; his showbiz colleagues, his fans, his new followers who admired the change in him.

He made the world realize that Islam must have something in it that made a successful singer leave his success, fame and money to become a student of religion. What do we call him, a cleric, a scholar or a Naat Khawan?

Yes he faced lot of criticism in his journey to become a religious scholar. He used his beautiful voice in na’at Khuwani. His understanding of religion inspired many.

So I would say that his singing made him famous, but this fame was converted from singing to preaching. He was liked by many as a singer but loved by masses as a preacher.

He left this world a year back in a horrible plane crash. As per my understanding, if someone goes out for Allah and dies, he is called a Shaheed (martyr). We all know he was on route to an Islamic event when the plane crashed. Indeed he was the chosen one for the life he led and the death he embraced.