Not Just Black Friday

Back in our day there used to be only seven days a week. But today, we have many versions of Friday alone! Does that make more days in a week? Before you start thinking I have gone bonkers, let me guide you.

This past Friday was Black. I know, I know, you are going to say black Friday has always been there around the world. It has so and so history to it. There are many myths related to it. However, I live in a developing country. And the problem with us is that we are followers not leaders. We are trend followers. Hence the concept of Black Friday is new to us. Just a few years ago, brands here in Pakistan started celebrating it. However, every actions has a reaction.

read more about Black Friday history here

Black Friday has been no different. In reaction to it, we have all seen religious groups being very vocal about how Fridays can never be black. In response to the reaction, we decided to have more colours to our Friday.

#Green, #white and also #blessed Friday. There has been a positive response that well yes, Fridays should not be black. There you go, we all have a win win situation here. Now even the very conservatives and other Maulvis can go on these sales and not have a worry in the world.

No one’s sentiments got hurt. Except for perhaps people who call themselves ‘minimalist’. But we need not worry about them for they are harmless people. Peacefully telling everyone to only buy things we really need. Need not want.

Where is our originality?

My point, however is why can’t we think of original ideas? Instead of starting black Friday concept here, we could have thought of the much cooler green or white or blessed Friday before.

It was not until a group started online protesting against it that the brands realized they need to be more sensitive of religious sentiments. What does it take to be trend setters instead of followers? The local brands which are high end brands be it supermarkets (Al Fatah, Raheem Store), clothing brands, food chains are not doing enough on the marketing end to bring innovation and bigger sales. Concepts like black Fridays and Valentines are easy to pick from the international market and promote here. Why not generate ideas, marketing strategies and set trends that are not adopted from other markets.

Where are all the sales during Ramadan? Why not have a 50% off in restaurants  during Eid ?  Espresso and Habitt have been setting some trends in marketing their brand differently. Espresso especially started marketing with political and social innuendos. Some of it did not go very well. We have the brains and the creativity to stand out, be different.

We live in amazing times. There are more brands, more choice, more business in our growing economy.  Let us have sales and promotions that are more relevant to us here, set trends that are original and more beneficial for the consumers.