That Is Not Blackheads On Your Nose!

There are all sorts of people in the world. And one kind is who constantly squeeze their nose blackheads. Yes, if you are one of them don’t worry just read on.

The bad news is that blackheads could be more than just what they seem. They could be pores or sebaceous filaments.

Owner of a beauty salon in the UK, Michelle Cashen shares the following in an article with the Metro. According to her clients come for facials since they are worried about their blackheads.

Never Use Hotel Hair Dryer

 On consultation she tells her clients that their blackheads are pores. But we all have pores on our skin, so how are blackheads also pores?
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Pores are  openings on the skin that consist of oil. The oil helps in keeping our skin hydrated. 

From your high school biology less you might recall the term sebaceous. There are sebaceous filaments that are minute hair transporting oil from the pores to your flesh.

Now we live in an environment that is getting more and more polluted. Also people are applying more make up than ever. Over the course of the day, dirt from our surroundings and our make upstarts to accumulate on our skin.

Hence the cleansing of skin to get rid of dirt, pollution and make up.

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So when people squeeze what they assume to be blackheads and get a creamy substance, it is a sign that it is  sebaceous filaments that carry oil. They should not be bothered as they carry out the hydration process.

But old habits die hard so people cannot resist the urge to poke at the pimples and blackheads in their ‘free time’. Over time this has a bad effect on your skin. The pores lose their elasticity making them more prominent.

Blackheads on the other hand happen as a result of excess oil on your skin, be it your nose, chin or any other area. When we don’t cleanse or exfoliate enough, our skin shows us signs in the form of blackheads.

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Blackheads formed over time block our pores.

Girls out there, do not slack off after a hard day at uni or work and get into bed without removing your make up. Even if you don’t use make up, washing your face is essential. Things like clay masks, cleansers or serums with salicylic acid are helpful too.


Paraphrased from HT Metro