Nine Situations When It’s Hardest To Control Anger In Ramadan

Ghussa Haram hai. Its real test is in Ramazan when we all have to bring out best of ourselves, and hold temper no matter what the situation is. So, here are the five most annoying situations/people, when its hardest to hold temper and keep calm

1. When you are on road, and other people think that the main road is Comapny Bagh

holding temper in ramadan
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2. When you tell your maid something at least ten times and she is still blank

3. When wife doesn’t cook well and husband just do Sabr

controlling temper in ramadan
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4. When husband keeps on creating mess, and wife cannot get over with house chores

controlling anger in ramadan
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5. When the bahu keeps on doing manmaani and saas is like ignore karo, roza hai

controlling anger in ramadan

6. When saas keeps on annoying bahu and bahu is like, Allah mujhe ajar dega.

7. When kids do not stop taking head out of mother

controlling anger in ramadan
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8. When you are sleeping in afternoon, and doorbell rings asking baji polio k qatrey pilaaney hain?

You marry a person for three reasons and your life becomes HELL

9. When light goes right after sehri, and you are planning to sleep ghoorey baich k.

Do you get angry with these reasons? or there are other reasons, please tell us by commenting.