New Islamabad Airport Aur Hamarey Loog-Viral Video Showing People “MisHandling” New Setup

New Islamabad Airport was ‘finally’ inaugurated by PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi this Thursday.  The Airport is operational and fully compatible with global standards.

However after seeing this viral video, I feel the airport needs strong management. Apparently , the passengers received their luggage after a three hour delay. The scene at the departure lounge of the New Islamabad Airport resembled that of a Langar at a Mazaar. Unable to let go of their “me-first” urge, the poor passengers’ impatience was a match for the chaotic management at the New Airport. The Airport management should have been better prepared to handle such situations, since the Pakistani approach to discipline is not a surprise to anybody specially for the Management.

Food for thought; maybe its time to start pondering about investing national resources into the education sector as opposed to brand new airports, metro trains or even the horticulture department. If the people are not trained and educated they will surely unknowingly become a source of disruption at the newly built high tech facilities.