Never Use A Hotel Hair Dryer EVER!!

Hair dryer is one of the most rare things to be packed in the luggage if you are about to travel.

Every hotel of this modern era saves you from packing un-necessary items by providing essentials like tooth paste, shampoo, moisturizer, irons and a “hair dryer”.

Hair dryers are not packed obviously because they are bulky but according to research, it’s a very unhealthy error.

Latest Research:

Microbiologist Chuck Gerba, an expert in Germs, found out in his research that hair dryers provided by hotels room service should be essentially avoided. American News Network asked him to inspect the cleanliness and hygiene of nine hotel rooms in Los Angeles. The hotels were three and five star ones.

Amazingly he found out that, hair dryers were the most un-clean and dirtiest items present in the room. The reason was not that it blows out germs but actually items like hair dryers are not assigned to be cleaned by the service staff who sanitize items like drinking utensils and toilets.

He stated:

“There must be some things you can do with a hair dryer that I am not aware of because some of them were pretty germy”

He further added:

“You have to be very careful in the use of your disinfectants, your cleaning tools, and where you wipe and what you wipe so you don’t really move germs around.

You don’t want t give them a free ride around the hotel room”

So, this proves that other objects in the room such as remote controls, light switches, menu cards are contaminated with germs.

Irrespective of the standard of the hotel, Gerba found traces of germs in every room.

More over, some objects at a location were also contaminated with fecal coliform and MRSA which can cause serious skin illness.

So better take your HAIR DRYER with you next time!!