Netizens Busy In Meme-ing Over Coming Tuesday’s Decision on Closure of Schools/Colleges

The third wave of the coronavirus is considered even dangerous than the first two. Every day increasing positive cases, high contiguous, and mortality rate are a big concern for everyone around especially the government of Pakistan.

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The Covid situation is so uncertain that we cannot blame the government for any of its decision, as the current circumstances are one of their kind.

Covid and the Young Generation

However, sometimes, I feel bad about the views of our young generation. I totally understand that teenage is not the age of taking things seriously, but, a situation like this, when we are seeing both our Jaan-o-Maal in grave danger, students protesting over exams, closure of schools, cancelation of papers, pressuring university on taking online papers is very upsetting.

Because We Are the Outdated Borhey Loog…

I admit that it sounds very boring especially for the teens but they should think about the loss of time, loss of money (that the parents are paying for fees, despite shrunk income due to covid), fear of future and many other problems. Rather, we are witnessing protests, name-calling for government, and many such things.

Here is the amount of worrisome students are showing over Twitter on the upcoming NCOC on Tuesday.

and the most epic one

Indeed all these jokes look very funny, but I only consider the people who have their loved ones to this deadly virus and there is no coming back…