Neelum Valley Bridge Accident Took lives of 25-30 Tourists

Life is uncertain, and it repeatedly reminds us this fact. Yesterday the unfortunate incident took place as Neelam Valley bridge collapsed. Lets have a look on the bridge and the happy faces of students few moments before the accident.

Neelam Valley accident
Students enjoying their trip
Neelam Valley accident
Last Picture of Future Doctors

The students of Lahore Medical & Dental College were on their fun trip to Neelam Valley when the sad incident took place. According to reports there were 25 students on the bridge meant for crossing Kundal Shahi area of Neelam Valley. The bridge got overloaded and collapsed.

UCP Students Died in a Road Accident 

Neelam valley bridge collapsed
Neelam Valley Bridge
Neelam Valley bridge collapsed
Moments after the accident

May Allah create ease for the departed young souls and grant patience to the families.