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All You Need To Know About Muniba Mazari’s Ex-Husband’s Lawsuit

Muniza Words on Ex Husband

Ex husband of Muniba Mazari has sued her for Rs 10 million, for defaming him and their marital relationship. Islamabad local court will hear the case on 7th December.

Muniba’s ex husband Khurram Shehzad was a fighter pilot in Pakistan Air Force. Few years back he left Air Force and joined Air Blue. According to him, Muniba Mazari started such activities that he and his reputable family couldn’t allow her to do. He says that Mazari used to visit foreigners in their diplomatic enclaves and embassies with her brother. Also she was into modeling which is totally against religious, social and moral values.

He further added, “Being an esteemed officer of the defense forces, the plaintiff could not allow the defendant to continue such practices and eventually tried to stop her,” he said. “The defendant instead of stopping, with her free will and choice left the house of plaintiff in September 2014 along with the minor adopted son.”

He also mentioned that Mazari filed a Khulla case in March 2015. However he didn’t want to dissolve the marriage, but she got Khulla and case was decreed in June 2015.

Now Shahzad says that Mazari keeps on defaming him in her TV shows and on different platforms, like in motivational talks, that has damaged his reputation badly. Therefore he has sued her for Rs 10 million.

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Muniba Mazari’s Views On Whole Issue

On other hand, Muniba says it’s not the first time he is doing so, he has done it “many times before” as well. From these series of tweets, we can form an opinion about Muniba’s truthfulness and sincerity.

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