All You Need to Know Before Going for Hair Transplant Surgery in Pakistan

Been bald or call it follically challenged is a big issue and quite embarrassing in Pakistan. Everyone, both male and female prefer to have their hair all grown. The best and most widely used solution to baldness in Pakistan is hair transplant surgery.

You might have read about hair transplant surgery in Pakistan and as a result planning to go to the country to cure your baldness. There are certain things you need to know before taking a trip to Pakistan for hair transplant surgery.

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Whether you are from Pakistan and lives there or you only want to go there for hair transplant surgery, here are some helpful tips to have a successful hair transplant in the country.

1. Hair transplant surgery takes different sessions depending on the technique used by the surgeon. Usually, a hair transplant surgery session takes about four to eight hours. Sometimes it requires additional hours especially if your hair loss is severe and you want to grow a thicker hair.

2.  It is important to know after a successful hair transplant surgery; it takes between 2 to 6 weeks before hair begins to shed. It takes around eight months for hair to sprout from the root transplanted. For mature and thicker hair you need to wait for 10 to 12 months after surgery.

3. You need to adhere strictly to your surgeon’s instruction after a successful hair transplant; you just cannot change your hairstyle as you like. Your hair will grow naturally such that it will be hard for people to know you had a hair transplant

4. You need to take care of your transplanted hair after surgery, though it is nothing special. All you are required to do is take care of it like every other person with hair would do. You can wash, oil, comb,and style your hair.

5. Surgery procedure: they use the best hair transplant surgery procedure in Pakistan at a cheaper rate compared to other parts of the world. FUE (follicular extraction unit) is the method used in the country. It is safe and does not requires cutting, hence no scars after surgery.

6. Ask for the proper test before you undergo hair transplant in Pakistan. The test we give the surgeon an idea of the best procedure for your hair transplant. It will also allow the surgeon to know the severity of your follicle challenge, hence what to do to make your hair transplant surgery successful.

7. Check surgeon reviews before visiting such surgeon for hair transplant in Pakistan. It is essential you search and read reviews about the surgeon you want to handle your surgery. The review will let you know how successful the surgeon is with his previous surgery and what you should expect.

8. I will recommend you go to popular hair transplant centers that are properly registered and located in posh areas.