Nawaz Sharif is Living in Miserable Conditions in Jail

Why a person is sent to jail or imprisonment? Because he is punished for the crime he has committed. Therefore it is clear that Nawaz Sharif is sent to jail for the CRIMES he committed.

However we as Pakistanis still do not believe that he is actually in jail without VIP facilities. But lets assume for a moment that this letter written by former chief minter Punjab Shehbaz Sharif is true,

Then I have few questions from Shahbaz Sharif. He was Chief Minister Punjab for 5 years, a whole electoral term.

1. Why didn’t he improve the jail conditions?

2. The People, some might be elder than Nawaz Sharif, some not proven guilty, are imprisoned for many years. Why didn’t demand same facilities for them?

3. Other prisoners, like normal people, are from lesser God?

The point is, Nawaz Sharif is imprisoned as a culprit. He is sentenced punishment for what he did to the whole nation of Pakistan. Why should he be given facilities in jail. And if he should, then other prisoners should be given same comforts too.

Pakistan has been very unfortunate since the time it came into being. It is primarily because there is no accountability. Two nation theory on which the whole ideology of Pakistan was based was about Islam. Islam is NOT very lenient about punishments. You know why?

Inside views of Maryam Nawaz’s sub jail

Not because Allah does not love us or He wants to give us punishments. Allah loves each one of us more than 70 mothers. But Islam is a religion of every age, and it has given us a complete doctrine. If a person commits sin and is given proper punishment for it, it would be a lesson for many. If a politician is given punishment for corruption, others would think a zillion times because taking such steps.

Thus everyone should be equal before law, be it ex prime minister of Pakistan or a common man.