Does Music Gives you GooseBumps?

Mathew Sachs made a research on the phenomena of music effecting the listener physically.

Have you ever felt goose bumps while listening to a song? Or a lump in your throat when you are listening to some music?

It’s a very rare experience to feel that all your arm hairs stand in response to a song but its real!!

Results of the Research on Music & Mind

Mathew Sachs was a former undergraduate from Harvard.  He wanted to find out the cause that triggers this feeling of chills produced by music.

So, he decided to research and  examined the brain scans of 20 people. 10 of them were the ones experiencing attachment to music in a certain way. Their bodies showed signs like goose bumps or lump in throat in response to music whereas 10 were the ones who were not undergoing any such feeling.

To his surprise, he found out that the people showing signs of physical and psychological attachment to music had brains of different structure from those who didn’t show any sign and their bodies were normal to music.

It was revealed in the research process the people who show aforementioned feelings in response to music had denser volume of fibers that connect their auditory cortex and the areas controlling emotions  thus resulting in better communication of the two areas.

Oxford Academics published Sachs findings.

In Neuroscience its quoted by him that:

The idea being that more fibers and increased efficiency between two regions means that you have more efficient processing between them.  “

One must be possessing very strong emotions if he happens to feel chills by music. These sensations might only be connected with a certain song.

He futher said that:

“ Depression causes an inability to experience pleasure of everyday things. You could use music with a therapist to explore feelings.”