Muniba Mazari On Her Feet!

There are few people around us that we need to follow, not because they are celebrities or big names, but because we need to have super heroes in our lives, the real ones. Many situations come in the journey of life when we lose hope to an extent that it becomes impossible for us to stand again.

Muniba Mazari is one such inspiration, not because she was hit by a tragedy, but because she stood up against the odds and fought the pessimism in most inspiring way.

Waking up to a disability is indeed depressing, but to many disabilities is simply unexplainable. Thats what Muniba faced.

Muniba Mazari Our Hero or Not

We all know that she is on wheel chair for many years. She has been subjected to many controversies, that she faced so courageously.

I can say it without any doubt that I am a big fan of her. I am following her since years. But today on seeing her pictures when she has experienced “standing” after so many years, I am overwhelmed. I am impressed by the courage of this brave lady.

At Gaylord Hospital Muniba walked with lot of support. I wish some day a miracle happen and she starts walking without any support… She is like a ray of hope for many who have lost all hopes in life.