Muniba Mazari: Our Hero or Not?

Anything and everything these days sells on social media; especially if the news is about someone famous involved in something negative. It has become particularly more difficult when the celebrities are updating their lives 24 hours on various social media platforms themselves. Muniba Mazari, the Pakistani artist, a motivational speaker, and now also a TV anchor has been sharing many of her humanitarian projects, her travels, and her art work with the world.

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So far everything about Muniba Mazari has been inspirational and motivational. Her story has come to inspire a lot of people with different illnesses. She has connected with those who are also wheelchair bound like her. However, things don’t seem to be very smooth for Mazari these days. Her ex husband filed a lawsuit of Rupees 10 million against her for defaming him.

Read about her ex husband’s lawsuit here

Who do we trust? Muniba Mazari, who has been on our social media and TV screens, giving out nothing but good vibes, representing Pakistan in a positive light; or do we start believing the ex husband we have heard of but only vaguely?

In the past few years Muniba Mazari has traveled to a lot of places and represented Pakistan on several different forums. And she has talked about her life, her accident and struggles during this time. In all her travels and talks we have only heard good things from this motivational speaker.There is a long list of credentials. But does a list of good things on media save someone from their messed up personal life?

There is no denying she did talk about her dark period in life. Yes, she did talk about her failed marriage. And it is also safe to say she talked about being happy now that she is out of the relation. However, at all times she did not go into the details of it, she did not take any names, as she is also stating in her tweets these days. There has never been any mention of her fighting court cases or even that of her adopted son.

From observation it is evident that whenever a woman speaks out about justice or her right, a whole new series of wrongs start to come up against her.  A strong woman with a strong personality is always a threat to the patriarchal society. Everyone suddenly starts to have an opinion about her character.

Whenever someone starts to gain fame, or gets to the celebrity status, something or the other pops up about them that is controversial. It seems to be a tried and tested kind of a thing now that if you come to think on it. Is it a coincident? Or is it a price that one has to pay for the fame and popularity they happen to gather?

Things do get dirty, when famous couples bring their fight to the social media.. Who can forget the brawl between boxer Amir Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdoom only a few months back.  But did Muniba Mazari bring her personal life to the media?

Once someone becomes a celebrity, everything related to their life also becomes public property. This has been debated time and again as to where the media or the celebrity should draw the line. Let us hope that the situation gets tackled now before it gets out of hand, and before the media jumps in to make it worse.