Worried About Your Post-Death Deeds??? This Mosque is Giving You an Opportunity For SADQA JARIYA

We all do a lot for our lives, but very few of us have sense to do something for our deaths. Most of us leave the good deeds to be done later in life. But what we forget is, life does not give chance to everyone. We can stop breathing anywhere anytime.

Therefore we need to do something before the time ends. A friend is into a social work near Layyah, here is what she wants to say…

When Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) first migrated to Madina, mosque was the first building that he constructed as a part of his will to give Muslims a place to worship- Masjid al-Quba. The utmost importance of mosque cannot be denied. In Muslim communities, mosques are not only a place of worship but serve many other purposes as well. They are places where important deliberations and discussions take place. They serve as shelters for travellers and those in need. Adding to that, it puts the helpers in touch with the help seekers.

Mosques hold even greater importance in small towns. Following are pictures of a mosque in Ladhana, Layyah, Punjab (Located approximately 25 km from Chowk Azam towards Layyah). As you can see, it badly needs reconstruction and renovations. Focal people of the town have taken loan for its renovation and to expand it. They paid the first instalment amount of 2.5 lakhs PKR early this year. The second instalment is due in few days. We are sharing this to request donations for this good cause. The photo of the registry (of the mosque) are also shown.

sadqa jariyah

Please contact me for details and donation procedures. May Allah be with all of us. Ameen

Contact details;

Sahrish Ahmad : 03356360905

Faiqa Ahmad : 0301 4930637