The Mom of Two

One of them slept at 3 a.m., the baby woke up screaming at 3:30. He had a clogged nose, so I had to put a cap on his head. It’s useless to mention that his clothes are in the room next to ours. I had to rush there to get his cap, while he screamed on top of his lungs. He had no idea that mom was already on rescue mission.

The happy baby of a tired mom.

Some 40 minutes earlier, the toddler had a tantrum. She wanted her hands washed, though she had washed them four times in the past hour. Water is always fascinating to kids. This one loves to rub liquid soap on her hands with perfect slow movements, which may last for up to five minutes. Well, if you’re standing with a toddler washing her hands to immaculate cleanliness, five minutes is almost a month, almost.

Sleep deprivation after one kid is considerably easier. Sleep when the baby sleeps? Pretty much possible. Try having two, the moment you put one to sleep the other one is up. Between hunger and pees and poops and all the basic needs, I get so tired that I might sometimes ignore things. Yes, the laundry needs to be folded; yes, my house is not spotless, but saving the baby from the toddler is my first priority.

You may not realize how tiring it is, you can’t do anything because your mind is constantly working with the kids. One needs to shower, other wants feed, one needs to sleep and the other needs to play, one wants me to hold him while the other just want to hit the lil one for stealing his parents. Ah, who told me to have kids?

Like all the other times, this too shall pass. The baby will grow and the toddler will be a preschooler. They might need me still, but they will be more independent gradually. I will have all the time to clean my house, to fold the laundry and to do the chores.

Hope is all I have; hope is what a mom lives by

At the moment, the most ignored is me, myself. I work through my days while my body is still healing. I forget my medicines, I push my limits, I miss sleep, and my hobbies, books and writing. But my priorities don’t allow me. The time I find free, I’m reading. Reading how to deal with the toddler, how to handle the baby. Learning how to manage them both, how to nourish them physically and emotionally.

Yes I’m a mom, and I’m learning

In the rush of life, these two forget that I am a human too. And I have needs. I need to use the washroom (which is extremely difficult with these two) and shower and sleep. I need to charge my batteries before another day of hustle starts. Sometimes I wonder what batteries do kids use, moms should have them too.