Devices Addiction Going to Next Level

Beeps and Rings around us getting more louder and frequent. Mobile devices around us getting our attentions like never before. Yes, I am talking about all the smart phones, tablets and latest addition of smart watches. Mobile programmers continuously working on building new apps and software to attracts its  consumers with sophisticated targeted notifications.

Mobile Devices Addiction

A recent study shows that people see the mobile devices at staggering times in a single day of 24 hrs more than 145 times. Consumers without considering the long term effect of this habit, continuously use and see their mobile devices. With massive invading of vibration and sounds of mobile devices consumers are in training process of giving immediate response which after all gives him a feel of satisfaction.

You want to see an angry person? Let me hear a cell phone go off
Jim Lehrer

Mobile chained

Effects on Younger Generation

Younger generation is taking pretty much influence from their parents, elders and friends. Recently, parents are preferring tablets for their children rather than arranging physical activity. As a result, children want more and more games on tablets and mobile phones. A number of studies have been carried out and continued to connect user with its phone, anxiety, happiness, depression and satisfaction.

Research on Effects

ScienceDirect recently published its finding that correlating WMD’s (wireless mobile devices) time and anxiety, especially for the millennials. The study includes collage students dependency on their mobile phones in a very tricky way. Not surprisingly, students who were heavy mobile phone users confirm the increasing anxiety when their phones were taken away for short period of time of 15-20 minutes.

Couple using mobile

Recent Development

Big companies like Apple, Facebook Google and Twitter are still going on their conventional way to enhance marketing/advertising opportunities, which in result slowing down the process of adopting ‘thoughtful software experience’. Taking advantage of this gap, smaller startup are stating to take notice.

In recent years, the home has become a huge business opportunity. Between Apple, Google and Amazon working on amazing language systems and startups trying to connect everything from your lights to your air conditioner.


In last, we need to think about our direction. Excessive use of these mobile devices leading us to the point of nowhere but loneliness, depression, anxiety and frustration. It is commonly observed that when family sits together at dinner or get together, we often see the use of mobile phones by almost every person. We need to rectify this issue by changing our preferences.


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