This MIT Graduate Working for the Underprivileged is Definitely an Inspiration

We often hear people moving abroad in hopes of a better job and a better life style. Many people start applying for American or Canadian nationalities (the former not so much and latter more, thanks to Justin Trudeau). What we don’t get to see and hear is that someone left the land of opportunity to come back home. Very few people opt to quit their lucrative jobs to return to Pakistan; the country which is full of potential, scenic beauty but ridden of terrorism, corruption, nepotism and increasing social divide. In such a state of despair, it is  a breath of fresh air when we learn of someone, especially when that someone is a young woman, leaving a well settled life in United States to come back home. And not just return to her roots but return and then do something not just for herself but also for the underprivileged.

Four reasons why Jugun Kazim is purely an inspiration 

Such is the story of Saba Gul, a young MIT graduate, who decided to quit her job and start her own project. She is the founder and CEO of Popinjay that aims at providing earning opportunities to women from underprivileged areas. She started her business by the name of Bags for Bliss which later turned into Popinjay; selling handmade and ethnic handbags. She aims at empowering women from underprivileged areas, helping them  use their craft and creativity and brings it to the mainstream market.


Saba Gul’s ambition has enabled around 150 women in Hafizabad, Punjab to earn and support their families. Popinjay has provided a secure and healthy platform to young and old women to become productive members of the society, where women learn hand embroidery while others who already know the craft add value to their growing community of empowered women.