Four Misconceptions About Pakistan

Misconceptions About Pakistan: We spend half our lives cursing and crying over reasons that living in Pakistan isn’t easy. While the other half is spent in defending it when other people point fingers at our state of affairs. It is the classic example of I can hit my brother but no one else dare to!

Hence when we read or hear about the misconceptions people have about Pakistan our blood boils. But one look into our drawing rooms discussions and you will find yourself in a conundrum. We blame our politicians, our army, our people, the system while also ready to defend our motherland.

Recently I came across a post about misconceptions people have about our homeland. Going through them I realised that while some of the points were absolutely true, others were more generalised statements and not completely false. What people/non Pakistanis think of us and our country is true but not to the extent they think.

Here are some of the things that do exist in Pakistan but not everywhere. Let us clear some air!

1. Burqa clad women

Misconceptions about Pakistan

Women in Pakistan wear Burqa. Yes some of the women do and there are plenty of burqa/abaya styles that women choose from. Different places have their own specific styles too. But to say or expect to see all women clad in black gowns is ridiculous. Just like I go vacationing to Europe thinking all women would be flaunting themselves in bikini!

2. Poor state of education

Misconceptions about Pakistan
Via Daily Pakistan

Students sit on floors in Pakistani schools. Private and most government schools in big cities do not make their students sit on the floor. We have very good educational institutes. However, we cannot shy away from the fact that there exist schools that have no roof or walls and just the floor! Should we dig out the data that reveals how many girls and boys are out of school, even to date in our country?

3. Turban headed men

Misconceptions about Pakistan
Via Nation

Yes those big turban wearing and weapon carrying men like in the photo below do not come from Pakistan. They are Afghanis! Some of the men from tribal areas also dress in a similar style. But it would be plain stupidity to expect majority roaming around in the turban attire. Just like it would be silly or paranoid of me to think that every man I come across would be a psychotic, mentally ill, gun shooting young men in America.

4. Cities are poorly developed

misconceptions about Pakistan

An article defended how our cities are all clean and green and that it is a misconception to think otherwise. Psst! Really? We have big cities, we have beautiful areas but we also have slums, we also have neglected parts of the same city. It is true our places are not what the series Homeland showed. But they are not completely clean either.

This is Karachi

So people of Pakistan chill out a little, not all misconceptions are wrong about our country.