The #Metoo Campaign And Even Hamza Ali Abbasi Has Had Enough!

The recent rift between Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar in the light of the former’s allegations has left everyone a little shocked. No one really knows what to actually say on the issue. The showbiz industry also seems confused as both the stars are famous, talented and well connected. Some more vocal celebs took to social media to carefully put their words out on the issue.

Maya Ali Bashed on Social Media for Supporting Ali Zafar

Hamza Ali Abbasi’s words of wisdom have always come into the limelight when it comes to social and political issues. Most of the time his voice has not resonated with his fraternity members.

What happens is this: An incident happens, Hamza Ali Abbasi jumps into the matter with his opinion, social media in turn reacts to that reaction. The situation gets funny!

This case of sexual harassment is a confusing one, which also shows in Abbasi’s views. He blames it on modernism while the modern society rightly points out that sexual harassment has existed in societies forever.

When actors who are known for their romantic roles express their views on how the two genders should keep within their limits, it will naturally become a joke. This is exactly what the actor initially said in addition to how the line between flirting and harassment has blurred. The media made their own interpretation which did not sit well with Abbasi.

Is this a publicity stunt by both the singers to get some limelight?

In a new clarifying statement, the actor has expressed that he has had enough as well.  Here is what he has to say:

So now we know:

He is not belittling the campaign in any way.

The actor was focusing on the general issue in light of Meesha’s allegations and not targeting the two singers in any way. Now this is quite a safe exit!

Abbasi does however, bring another point into light: women are now naming their harassers. Which many will feel frightened of, because people lie all the time; men and women both. There are chances that some will turn this campaign to their advantage to settle some personal issues unrelated to harassment. This definitely will then belittle the whole concept of the Metoo campaign!  The actor has left this hanging in the air. What can be the solution to this? How can we determine the victim is genuinely naming the culprit?

He strongly feels like all of that this issue should come to a conclusion. We too want answers surrounding the vagueness of the issue.