Meet Hiba Jafri – A Girl with a Dream

If there’s a will, there is a way. There are so many stories around us that make us believe that obstacles are nothing but illusions. Such is the story of a young talented and determined girl, Hiba Jafri.

Her Dream

From an early age Hiba was into sports. In grade 5 she won a regional skating championship. In grade 8 she got selected to play at regional level badminton championship, which she also won. With the zeal to excel at sports and make her parents proud, Hiba knew that this was her calling.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.  Harriet Tubman

All the while excelling in academics, she kept her dream alive. Her dream started unfolding when she enrolled in one of the best universities in the country, NUST. She has entered a world, where almost everyone knew exactly what they wanted. She decided not to feel intimidated by anyone even if she isn’t sure about her dreams coming true.

Hiba with trophy

Soon Hiba  came across the badminton club in NUST. She also discovered that there were no female badminton players in her department where she was pursuing Bachelors of Business Administration. It was like her dream was pulling her to her goal. She started playing badminton. In no time NUST sports office noticed the talent in her, sent her to a training camp and became part of the NUST Badminton Team. Next thing she knows, Hiba was representing her university in Higher Education Commission Women Badminton Championship Pakistan.

It is safe to say there was no looking back from there for the young spirited Hiba. Due to her talent in sports she was assigned to train girls under her. Soon she also became part of the NUST women’s squash team. Like in school, here too Hiba proved to be a champion when she won the HEC All Pakistan Women’s Squash Championship 2016. Not only that, this victory was also first time in the history of NUST.

Like all journeys of success, Hiba’s is also about being patient but persistent. She kept her passion and dream alive. Once having found her niche, she worked at her skill. During all  these competitions she faced tough times. She waited patiently through fractures and dislocated shoulder during the course of following her dream.

Gothani Project

We know that she has a long way to go. But we also know that she is on the path of her dream. There is more to Hiba Jafri’s story. She has now turned towards social entrepreneurship. ‘Gothani’ is the name of her social enterprise. In Sindhi, Gothani basically means a villager woman. Hence Hiba Jafri’s project is aimed at helping the talented and skilled women of rural Sindh who make embroidered handicrafts. She aims to provide them with support and a safe platform to practice their skill and become empowered women.

Meet Hiba Jafri – A Girl with a Dream
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Meet Hiba Jafri – A Girl with a Dream
Some hold back and carry the burden of this fear but others break the barriers and prove their worth. Such is the story of a young talented and determined girl, Hiba Jafri.
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