Are These Leaked Videos Showing Meesha Shafi’s Claims False?

Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar have been very much inn in the media for the last few days due to the allegations Meesha Shafi put on Ali Zafar about harassment attempt.

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In response to Meesha’s allegations, Ali Zafar decided to resolve the case in court.

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Now there are two latest news about this issue. One is the video which is leaked by Mubashir Lukman from his in program Khara Sach. By portraying the video, Sir Luqman is trying to claim that Meesha’s allegations are pretty fake, as nothing is evident in favor of any kind of harassment in this footage. You can see the footage, but no one knows what happens before or after the video in this jamming session. So, in my point of view, this footage carries no weight to exploit the truth.

The second update is from another source where Meesha’s allegations are very much associated with her anger. According to the source, Meesha Shafi was associated with judging the music contest. Eight episodes of the show were already recorded, when it was decided by sponsors to add Ali Zafar also in the judging panel. First, Meesha tried to retaliate against it. When she couldn’t succeed, she demanded as high charges as being given to Ali Zafar. Sponsors could not agree to Meesha’s this request and as a revenge, she put fake allegations on Ali Zafar.

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You can see another angle of the story

These are the two LEAKED videos, doing tehelkakhaiz inkashafaat. However I do not see anything worthy in these videos. Whatever the real story is, I hope that Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar’s case gets resolved soon. And may the truth prevails!