Lets get insights about MasterClass Kitchen Studio

No one can deny the importance of food. It is not just a source of energy in our bodies but a depiction of our rich culture too. Whatever the occasion or gathering is, it is considered to be incomplete without food. Food is not just our means of survival, but it has become a symbol of style, presentation, and diversity in recent years. Many food channels and cooking schools are being operated with the aim to give pupils culinary, cooking, baking and food presentation skills. One of the finest schools in this regard is MasterClass Kitchen Studio. Let’s discover what this studio offers to our readers who are potential chefs!

Who is the mastermind behind MasterClass?

Promoting hands-on cooking classes under the supervision of the expert, corporate and celebrity chefs, MasterClass Kitchen Studio provides a fully equipped facility for people passionate about food and beverages. MasterClass Pakistan is founded to re-build your perspective regarding cooking. This amazing initiative is taken by two young entrepreneurs who have been in the food business for a significant amount of time. Chef Abdul Hadi and Usama Ahmed are masterminds behind MasterClass.

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How this idea generated and flourished?

There is no doubt about the fact that Pakistanis have an immense passion and love for food. But, there is still a huge skills gap which affects the hospitality industry considerably. The main aim of MasterClass is to fill in the skills gap so that people who are passionate about cooking can represent themselves professionally and polish their skills.

Let's get insights about MasterClass Kitchen Studio
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Are there the majority of females that come to learn cooking skills or males also show interest? What is the proportion of females to males?

The passion for food is very strong in our people, which is the reason of the popularity MastrerClass has gained within a short span of time. Both males and females come and learn at our kitchen studio. The proportion, we can say is of 60:40 of females and males.

Let's get insights about MasterClass Kitchen Studio
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Tell us about your most famous programs and their tenure.

Our famous programs include Chef Mehdi’s Bread Making classes and Chef Arshad Ghafoor’s Cake Baking Class. We have been receiving an extraordinary response for both of these classes. But, the program that has made the most amazing impact is Kid’s Wonderland.

Our kid’s class has a formidable curriculum that promotes a highly constructive approach in kids. Our classes do not only introduce kids to the healthy activity of cooking but also help them in several other ways such as:

  • Improves their mathematical skills. The ratio and proportion they measure for recipes help them become proficient in addition, division and multiplication.
  • Advances their communication, interpersonal and reading skills.
  • This class serves as an excellent noncurricular activity.
Tell readers about your team.

We are a diverse team of young people who strive to boost hospitality industry in Pakistan. With our venture of a hands-on cooking studio, we wish to give all home chefs and entrepreneurs an upper hand in the field of culinary by empowering them with the latest gastronomy techniques.

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Is any renowned chef part of MasterClass Pakistan?

Yes, many well-known celebrity chefs are part of the MasterClass team. Prominent names include Mehdi, Arshad Ghafoor, Shai Qazi, Zarnak Sidhwa, Ejaz Burney, Afzal Nizami, and Faizan Rehmat.

Are there any cooking related competitions held as well?

We have many competitions in the pipeline which we will unfold soon. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more info!

Let's get insights about MasterClass Kitchen Studio
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Is MasterClass Kitchen Studio only in Karachi? Do you have any plans of extending it to other cities as well?

Seeing the unbelievably amazing response in the city of lights, we intend to expand our venture in other cities as well, in the near future.

Let's get insights about MasterClass Kitchen Studio
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What are the challenges you have faced so far?

Since the beginning, MasterClass Pakistan has been a popular hit among young and adults alike. We wanted to raise the bar of cooking courses in Pakistan and today, we can say that we have made a difference in the industry.

How is MasterClass Pakistan different from other cooking schools?

MasterClass Pakistan is an explicit piece of art, a Kitchen Studio that is introduced in Pakistan for the first time offering hands-on certificate programs in culinary, pastry or baking arts. We do not have any cooking schools in the country that follow hands-on approach. The curriculum is designed in a way that everyone can get benefit from the classes conducted at the facility. The best thing about MasterClass is, you do not have to bring anything to any class, all ingredients are provided by us.

Let's get insights about MasterClass Kitchen Studio
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