Martin Kobler, We LOVE You! Because You Respect Us

It took Pakistan years to change its impression from being a terrorist state to a peaceful one. STILL there are elements who want to proof Pakistan a terrorist state, but luckily there are people around, who are not Pakistanis but are inspired by Pakistan and Pakistanis.

Polish Couple love for Pakistan

We have seen Jeremy McLellan showing his support for Greens on many platforms. We have seen many foreigners who came to visit our beloved country and left their hearts here.

Is Jeremy McLellan PAID for his Pro-Pakistaniat?

Recently we are seeing Martin Kobler, Jo k hamarey dil mei ghar kr rae hain. 65 years old Martin Kobler is the German Ambassador in Pakistan. I have not met him in person, (that I wish to), but I am sure he is a kind hearted person with urge to discover things himself rather listening to others.

You can have glimpse of his activities in Pakistan trough these pictures,

Martin Kobler in Pakistan
Feasting in Shandur Pakistan
Martin Kobler in Pakistan
Martin Kobler having coffee with followers… I wish I was part of it too 🙁
Martin Kobler in Pakistan
Martin Kobler “miswaaking” in middle of Mountains
Martin Kobler in Pakistan
Ferrari ki Sawari 🙂
Martin Kobler in Pakistan
Hiking from Marghalla Hills to Monal
Martin Kobler in Pakistan
Naeem From Gilgit- The guy who types from feet

The last picture is a source of inspiration for many. Martine Kobler is appreciating Naeem during his visit to Gilgit. As Naeem cannot use his hands, so he is typing through feet. Just check the level of intelligence Naeem has. He is actually a programmer who works to improve e-commerce in Pakistan.

Martin is spending time in Pakistan unlike many Pakistanis. He is happy, he is not complaining and not BLAMING. He enjoying being in Pakistan :).