Malala and Apple’s partnership

The youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai is set to join the world’s most famous CEO Tim Cook of Apple to expand on her education initiative.

The duo recently met in Beirut, Lebanon. Lebanon  is also going to be part of the region to be funded for girl’s education once the Malala and Apple’s partnership takes shape.

The tech giant and the women’s rights campaigner plan to start their initiative in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey and Lebanon.  Malala Fund aims at raising money and awareness to provide education to girls all over the world. The young girl’s goal is to get 100,000 girls into education in places where the bigger percentage of girls are still out of school.

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Tim Cook met Malala last year in Oxford, where she is currently studying at Lady Margaret Hall.  The CEO Apple in an interview to The Independent said that Malala’s vision and energy lines up with that of Apple. Steve Jobs’ key focus was on education. Apple has built an expertise of how their products can engage in a teaching environment. Hence Tim Cook decided to get on board with Malala Fund.

Pakistan’s prodigy, Malala believes that with the tech giant Apple she will be able to get more girls in school. The company has expertise and resources both of which will take Malala’s goal ahead.

In an interview with The Independent, Malala expressed her dream to teach 100,000 girls with quality education. She pointed out that Apple has technology and outreach and she wants to see how this will help the Malala fund.

The aim is to make access to education easier through e-learning, through STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) skills. Malala emphasized that primary education is important but missing out on secondary education means that girls don’t have access to university level education. The need is to provide them with a basic 12 years of quality education. From that level on the girls will have a strong foundation, able to follow their dreams and explore.

During the talk, Tim Cook pointed out that for all of this to yield best results, the governments have to play their part too. He said that there are some things only governments can do, some things that only private companies can do. The need is for everyone to row the boat in the same direction and do their part.

From the announcement of Malala and Apple partnership in Lebanon one thing is clear – the Apple CEO believes that the governments will have to do solid work with such initiatives to make them successful.

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