Make Your Arms STRONG Not Smooth-Sana Mir

When a baby girl is born, people normally are not found to thank Allah SWT for making her healthy. Rather we COMMENT on her beauty. Is she fair? Wow her hair are so silky! eyes are small, Naak phini hai, height looks fine, and the list goes on.

Then she grows up, everything from her hairpin to the socks, are being watched. Do not wear this color, you’d look tanner in this. This hairstyle doesn’t suit you, you have a broad face. Don’t wear strip shirt! It is not for girls with short heights.

And then she reaches teenage, and a new chapter begins. Go and say salaam to that aunty, her son is very nice, you don’t have looks, she might get inspired by your ikhlaaq. Try that beauty product, it will make your skin glow, use that beauty cream it will make your pimples away. If you are fair, then life is easier for you, and if not, then everyone has a license to comment on your skin and advise you to become pretty.

Girls are not born with complexes, rather our society ingrains complexes in them with little or no effort at all. Girls we see as celebrities on media, they look so perfect. Their skin tone, their features, their hair and their body type, everything seems so tuned. Our society does not realize their screen beauty but sets standards of beauty for women like us. Very simple example, we all know it very well that what hair removing creams do with our skins, YES  just Baira Gharak. But ad shows that they make our skins smooth.

The stance of Sana Mir on Standards of Beauty

If you are an ambitious woman, trying to achieve goals in your life which are different from being a perfect housewife (who is very lucky to get married from the age of 18-25 Max), even then you need to have a “smooth” skin. In this regard, Sana Mir, the renowned name of Pakistan Women Cricket team, who is an inspiration for many, has said something which is very much needed. Yes, we need strong arms, so that we can achieve our dreams.

I am happy and satisfied with the skin color Allah has given to me. Also, my skin color and my skin texture is no hurdle in achieving my dreams.