Life of a Soldier-Every Moment Choice Between Life and Death

Gun shots, smoke, bomb blasts or to be clearer, death… Thats one side. The other side is family, comfort, love, wife, kids, siblings, ease.

We often hear in news, Pak Army soldier martyred during targeted operation, or five terrorists died and two soldiers martyred. Have you ever tried to put your self in the situation? A soldier is hiding behind the bushes, with gun in his hands. He is seeing the terrorists planning a bomb blast. He is also seeing the gun or guns those terrorists have. IF the soldier retreats, he can safely be home with his family that has parents, wife and kids, or siblings if he isn’t married.

Defence Day
Shaheed Captain Usman

Its death if he moves forward and its life if he moves back. He knows he promised his son a remote controlled car. He knows he promised his wife a romantic candle light dinner. He knows his mother is staring at the main door while waiting for him. He knows he is the only sahara of his aged father. He has dreamt countless dreams about his kids’ future. He and his wife have imagined getting older together. But thats the life if he retreats.

Defence Day

Strangely he is NOT retreating.

Wo Bhaagtey hoe apni maut ki taraf chala jaata hai aur Wattan ki Baqa k liye lartey hoe Shaheed ho jaata hai.

Martyrs of Pakistan Army
Abdul Moeed Shaheed

 Sitting here in my bed room, typing on my laptop, with a delicious cup of coffee, I don’t understand why he does it, or how he does it. How can a person prefer death over a perfect life? How he choses to leave all his relationships to save his country? How?

Martyrs of Pakistan Army
Shaheed Captain Ahmed

I am parent to three little kids. If I even imagine me dying right now, the first thought comes in my mind is mere bachoon ka kia hoa… I cannot imagine what kind of heart our soldiers have that makes them move forward and save everyone.


Martyrs of Pakistan Army
Major Ishaq Shaheed

Here, do you know who is this everyone? Even that soldier does not know. Those everyone are people of his country, me and you. He sacrifices his life for me, for you.


Yes, he dies. Leaving his kids, wife, parents, siblings, everyone… Sometimes he dies completely and sometimes partially. He doesn’t leave the world but loses some part of his body, for whom? for me and you.

This is our army. This is our great army. How conveniently they choose death, despite of the fact that they are so perfect. Health wise they more fit than ordinary people. Also I would say they are more good looking than common people. Still they choose death. What breed they have. What passion they have. What love they have for Pakistan. When they see someone is harming Pakistan, they say pehley meri laash se guzro…

Then their family… Have you ever heard them saying I am a proud father or proud mother of a Shaheed. What kind of Jigra they have.

Martyrs of pakistan
Major Ali Shaheed

On this Defence Day I want each of us to be grateful to our army. They die to save us. Its Allah’s promise that they are in heavens.