Life: A Jigsaw Puzzle

Life: A jigsaw puzzle might be a strange term for many. How could life be a taken as puzzle pieces? I believe that life of a man is more or less like a jigsaw puzzle. Where he puts all his energy and time to set and adjust those puzzles the whole life. Sometimes he manages to arrange every puzzle in its own particular place. But sometimes, it is just a chaos and frustration.

Now many people would have an obvious question in their minds that what could be these puzzles? These could be anything related to yourself. Your family, job, friends, hobbies or leisure time activities, your purpose of existence, your future goals and so forth.

On one day, there is a possibility that all the pieces combine so smoothly and easily that you don’t need to exert energy on them. But the other day, it might seem impossible to place everything in its right place. Sometimes it also happens that same puzzle which has its significant place on the puzzle board for ages suddenly doesn’t fit anywhere. It apparently looks like the same, but still, it won’t fit. Just try your best to stop trying to place those pieces where they don’t fit.

Pictures of some puzzle pieces become blur, some just lose their original form, or some may suddenly disappear. Yes, that’s a fact. And it happens with almost everyone in his course of life. Might be once or many times. But the key is to keep yourself composed. Keep on finding the core puzzle piece. It could lie at the corner. Or in the center of the board, with almost all or maximum connecting sides. That piece keeps you intact. Gives you warmth and comforts you. Don’t disconnect yourself from the roots. Because no life can stand without its roots. Flourish, rise and shine but try to maintain the strongest connection with your origin.

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