Kohat Police Arrested Sadiq Afridi #JusticeforAsmaRani

In new developments, Kohat police arrested Sadiq Afridi but Mujahid Afridi, also nephew to Pakistani Tehrik e Insaaf district president has not been caught. He may have flown out of the country.

#JusticeforAsmaRani now?

In a tragic show of power, a medical student from Kohat was killed for refusing to marry Mujahid Afridi this past Sunday.

What kind of a society are we living in, where free will of a common man has no importance in front of power holders

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On Sunday he waited outside her residence and shot fires at her. He was accompanied by a friend Sadiq Afridi whom the police arrested. His name was mentioned in the FIR as well.

Asma Rani, studying medicine at the Abbottabad Medical College was visiting her hometown when she became the victim of this unfortunate incident. The main culprit, Mujahid Afridi had been threatening her and her family into marrying him.

How many “justice for” cases are we going on pile on our conscience? Every new day brings news of a son or a daughter of a common man dying at the hands of power holders.

Kohat police arrested Sadiq Afridi
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According to latest development, CJP Saqib Nisar has taken action on Asma murder case. I wonder how many actions would he take, as so far we have not witnessed any punishment, but only suo motu actions.