Do You Know Your iPhone Has A Hidden One-Handed Keyboard?

The latest models of iPhone, like iPhone 8 and iPhone X are much bigger handsets. They need both hands for typing.

In the latest version of iOS, Apple has carried out a keyboard that can be operated through one hand. This particular update makes typing easier on bigger handsets with one hand.

one handed keyboard

Once the feature is activated, the keyboard shifts either on right or left side of the screen, which makes it handy for typing with one hand.

For the time being, the feature is available for selected number of users for trial. The complete accessibility will be granted at the end of this year.

How to get one-handed keyboard?

To have this feature, you need the latest iOS 11 update. You need to press and hold the emoji or globe button present on the left of space key in keyboard.

Holding the button gives you option of taking the keyboard left or right of the screen. Shift the keyboard to right side if you are using the phone with your right hand, and to left if you are using the phone with your left hand.

one handed keyboard

To get back the normal screen, tap the arrow present on blank screen, or tap the emoji or globe option again to get the menu.

You can make the changes in settings as well from the keyboard settings menu that appears on tapping the emoji.

one-handed keyboard

For those using iPhone 6,7 or 8 plus versions, the resultant keyboard will be  smaller version of 4.7″ version of that device.

For iPad users, there is no one-handed feature available at the moment for using the keyboard. It is not the first time Apple has hidden feature in its software update.

Few days back, Apple added ’emergency SOS’ service for making emergency calls anywhere in the world. Even in the case you have no service on mobile, you can avail the emergency services on iPhone.

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