When My Kid Comes Back from School…

He comes back home from school. I welcome him with open arms and wide smile. I kiss his forehead and asked about his day. I ask him whether he finished his lunch or not, he says “No”, I kiss him again and try to convince him that finishing lunch is good for health.

Then I direct him to washroom for changing clothes. He doesn’t feel like changing as he has ‘many other things’ to do. But I change his clothes giving him lessons with lots of love that these are good manners etc. However he has his own ideologies. But I manage to change his uniform.

A picky eater refuses food at the dinner table.
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Then I took him to dining table for lunch. He gives me hard time in finishing his meal, but I stayed calm to fulfill my promise (of being a cultured mom). It is commonly advised that when a kid comes back from school, mother should express her love to him, as those minutes are very important for kids’ mental health. So I do it regularly. I peacefully make him to have his lunch.

Is Homework really very hard? Indeed…

boy hating homework
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Then comes the climax. Yes, I am talking about the homework. Every day I feel scared of opening his school diary. I pray silently for the short or no homework before opening it.   But most of the times he has good quantity of homework. When put the notebook in front of him with shaking hands, he sees it, and starts complaining the most expected thing, ‘why there has to be so much homework every day?”, and starts showing tantrums. I convince him that you are such a nice guy and you can do it, but he keeps on saying and shouting and runs away from study table.

End of Patience

angry mom
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Then… Ah… what happens next is totally as per expectations. I forget that I belong to a cultured family; I am a graduate from renowned university, and most importantly my commitment of staying calm. I start shouting as if I ignorant woman from an illiterate family who is raised up on streets where every person talks like screaming and I have never seen even the face of school.  I pull his arm, drag him to his home work make him do his homework furiously.

Shouting is not the Solution

This is an everyday story of me, and I think many moms can relate in one way or other. However ‘shouting at kids’ is not justified from any angle. While dealing with kids, a point comes, where patience comes to end. EVEN THEN, kids should be given their space. They have a whole world to think about and we moms should respect their world.