Six reasons why Khalas are the Best

KHALAS might have their own lives, their own commitments, their own relationships, their own responsibilities and even their own children to raise. Yet they always keep a very special place in your child’s heart and vice versa. So, let’s toast to all of those awesome khalas who have made our work and burden little easier. Reasons, why Khalas are the best, are as follow:

Thirst to play with your kid

Khalas are the ultimate companion of your child when it comes to spend leisure time. Whether it is an indoor game like Ludo, Judo or Sudoku, or an outdoor game like biking, running or balling, no one could compete the Khalas company.

Khalas are the best


Best Friends Forever

Khalas are the best friends to discuss each and everything. Whether you have to backbite about your mom or school friends, or it is a matter of story time, being with you will fill your kid with joy. And he finds pleasure forever out of friend forever.

Khalas are the best
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Shopping Partner

Your kids’ ultimate shopping partner is always your Khala. Because he knows that she would hardly refuse him to buy anything wanted or unwanted, cheap or expensive, useful or useless. They buy them the cutest outfits, most favorite toys, and none other than most demanding junk food.

Khalas are the best
Best (and Cheapest) Babysitters  

It is said that nothing is free in this world. But I would say babysitters in the form of Khalas are always free or maximum at the expense of one burger in exchange for four to six hours of shopping or friends hang out, which is extremely nominal. You can never find such lucrative deal elsewhere.

Khalas are the best
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Khalas are the best

Endless energy they have

Khalas are the best because they never get tired of her niece/nephews’ endless demands. Whether it is a matter to make pasta for them, or attend them in toilets, watching cartoons together or just making a mess, khalas would say no by the skin of their teeth.

Khalas are the best
THE Genuine LOVE
Khalas are the best
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The unconditional love, an absolute bundle of compassion, and limitless support all comes from Khalas side. So, salute to my sister for whatever you have done so far for us and whatever you will do for my kids in the years coming by.  We all love you.