Karachites’ Echo Their Patriotism With The National Anthem

Cricket has returned Karachi after 9 years and the crowd proved the patriotism. The night was full of excitement and spirit. Karachites’ showed the true spirit for cricket.

Karachi has welcomed the cricket with open arms and amazed the world with their in grained love for Pakistan.

Yesterday when Pakistan team was rhyming National Anthem before the match with West Indians in National Stadium Karachi, suddenly the sound system went down leaving players with no background music.

And what happened then was so heart touching. A crowd of 18,000 stood up and started rhyming the National Anthem. What a glory it was… it looked like the whole stadium was chanting the beautiful lyrics of national anthem ‘SAYA E KHUDAYE ZULJALAL’.

That was a breath taking moment for everyone. We could see many eyes wet with the love of our beloved country. It felt as if every word of the anthem was mesmerizing everyone present in the stadium.

Pakistan team won the match

Many people tweeted about the happening with the hashtags #apnakhelapnaghar and #PAKVSWI