Kangana Ranaut And Her Indian Realm

If anyone wants to know the difference between artistic ‘realm’ and physical ‘realm’ it is a good time to listen to Kangana Ranaut who always tries to speak out. And speaking out she has done not so much in our favour and we should not like it because there is a ‘likeable person realm’ and then there is a ‘not so likeable person realm’ and if a person falls into the good actors ‘realm’ or ‘bad actor ‘realm’ should not be considered.

This is exactly what we should be doing in the light of Pakistani actors being banned from working in India. If there is any lesson we need to take from the fiery actor, it is about nationalism.

kangana ranaut

In her recent interview Kangana made it clear that she is a nationalist and her identity is because of India. What a proud thing to say. Our artists too need to be vocal and perhaps also refrain from working in Bollywood. Especially if  they are successful here in their own country.

Kangana Ranaut went onto say that ‘hum tu artist hain’ strategy isn’t going to work. She stands for practicality and does not believe in indulging into the ‘artist log don’t believe in borders and all’.

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Seriously, her stance in favour of the ban has definitely made us all do a silent ‘ouch’. But let us give her credit for standing up for her country. Let us stop falling for Indian celebrities and showbiz world. Let us stop going gaga over their stars because there is a realm called Pakistan and there is a realm called India.