Justice for Zainab: Case Solved But Conscience Unsettled

Justice for Zainab has been delivered  and yet we as a nation don’t seem to be at peace. Yesterday the Chief Minister Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif sat next to Ameen Ansari, father of Zainab in a conference to announce having caught the murderer of the little girl.

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Despite the good news it was a strange night. Many furious people who had been raising voice for justice for Zainab reacted to something new that came out of the conference. In a normal ideal society, the news of identifying the killer of Zainab should have brought cries of joy at justice for Zainab being served. But unfortunately our society isn’t exactly a normal one.

Can we ever trust our politicians?

Many people noticed the hurried action of the CM in switching off Zainab’s father’s microphone.  The video has gone viral ever since. People have questions on their minds.

watch the viral video here

What was the rush? Why was the father not given time to say what he wanted to? He later also expressed not being given time to finish what he wanted to say. Was it that the CM just wanted to brush off the enter case quickly, now that the social media was also rife with anger? He wanted to shut this for once and for ever?

watch another video here

Instead of feeling relieved, instead of feeling safe many people have expressed being rather sad, confused or even angry. Why are we feeling such emotions when we could have felt safe in our system? We are able to doubt the truth of it even when the culprit has been named. We seem unsettled.

justice for zainab

We have in front of us years of injustice, years of corrupt history of our politicians, many accounts of culprits roaming free. The memory of 300 children of Kasur is still vivid in our minds. At the back of our minds, we know that the biggest child abuse scandal from Kasur has its pedophiles living a free life. How can we trust the decisions, the investigations, the authorities about Zainab’s case?  Can we draw conclusions from Shahbaz murder case, Naqeebullah’s murder,  Mishal Khan’s murder case, or the mysterious knife attacker from Karachi?

Politicians can sit in the parliament and make amendments in constitution to save themselves. But the same law makers cannot take necessary action against rapists and pedophiles. We part of this system that is plagued with deceit, corruption, and nepotism where the sons of MPAs commit crimes and escape Pakistan.

Escape is our only way out. Will we too escape the memory of Zainab and countless other children as time passes?

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