“Job Hunt” is a tremendous task for almost every job seeker. Fresh graduates and undergrads struggle to find opportunities to utilizetheir credentials. Following the technical trends in every field, job search engines nowadays are a sigh of relief for many job seekers and employers. One of the most authentic and credible platform for this purpose is which facilities both candidates and employers to meet the right person. is focused on providing the Job Seeker with the ability to present themselves as distinct individuals with unique experiences and backgrounds. This gets accomplished when they describe the various projects they have worked on, when they share their hobbies, summary and social profiles – all optional of course! The result is a more meaningful connection between job seeker and potential employer. Finding the right match for a role should be more involved than checking the box on skills.

A very distinct feature about that makes it different from the rest of the job sites is Resume Building. Their User-Friendly website is accessible for everyone who wants to create his/her resume.


Resume Templates

Students/Job seekers tend to ask each other about how to make an effective resume. They either use a template approved by a firm or copy one from a friend who succeeded in getting an interview call. Internationally there are paid websites like and that create resumes. However in Pakistan, is the only job board that has the option of creating a CV in different templates absolutely free. Thus an impressive CV is just a “click” away… offers Resume creation is different styles and patterns.

Employers: Access to the right talent is now Free! has a platform for employers – enabling companies to sign up and start viewing candidates within minutes for completely free. Along with the ability to view all of the candidates who have applied to their job post, employers even have access to Jobee Matches! They don’t have to go for classified ads in the newspapers and go through other long procedures for finding candidates with required skills. They can just add the required criteria on’swebsite and approach the applicants of interest.

Job Search Engines can contribute a lot in eliminating unemployment from the country. For years, has played an effective role in this regard.