Where is Jinnah Ka Pakistan???

‘Aaj ki zindagi bht masroof ho gai hai, pehley waqtoon mei yun nai tha.’ This is a common sentence we say many times a day, and hear by many around us. Because of our never ending routine tasks, we find no time to helpful others or our country. Life has become so tough “these days” and so demanding that no one has time all. Very conveniently we say that people of older times had lot of free time but we don’t. However I beg to differ. Quaid-e-Azam M.Ali Jinnah was certainly not a “farigh” person to make a new country by his diligence and utmost efforts.


Jinnah was a perfect man living a perfect life by all definitions. He was a barrister, thus an educated man, he had a rich influential family, and he could be settled in any part of the world easily. That means he had no need to be a freedom fighter. But he became one. He fought for a nation. He chose, no, he made his directions. His made his ways, which all lead to the appearance of new Muslim state in the map of world.


If we look back in the history, and study all the circumstances, we will agree to the fact that making of Pakistan is a miracle itself. Iqbal gave the ideology, and Jinnah took it as his religion. It was Allah’s will. Jinnah made a dream into a reality. Millions of people made sacrifices. They sacrificed their properties, their peace, their loved ones and their lives. For what, for a piece of land name Pakistan.



What a person Jinnah was, who had the guts to get in the heart of common people of sub continent and taking out the spark out of them. The spark that turned to a struggle, a fight, a freedom fight. Jinnah provided the masses a platform, where people forgot their individuality and become “1”. They became a “Seesa Pilai Deewar” who couldn’t be broken by any power. Be it physical or psychological. And with great struggle, Jinnah made the impossible, “Possible”.

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Today, while writing on Jinnah, I am trying to find his purpose “Pakistan” within myself and surroundings. I am looking around in every direction, and its nowhere in my sight. We, as a nation have found an easy way out of playing “blame games”. We are lucky enough to find “concerned person or organization or institution” in every field that acts as obstacle in our route to success. Mostly it is Government. Sometimes it is terrorism, which is also indirectly a government failure.

But, does Government ask us to violate traffic signals and other rules of law? Or not to work hard, or cheat or misbehave or disregard others, or Dharna and harming public property, and the list goes on and on. We can count a thousand inappropriate actions on our finger tips that we do on our own and no one actually asks us to do so.

Jinnah was a man with direction. He was a man with a purpose. Being his nation we need to find our direction.

Via Dawn

We are not here to party, watch movies, eat pop corns and have long sessions of phone calls and selfies. We are here to do something. We need to find our direction, our purpose of life. We need to be the nation for which Jinnah fought. The nation for which “our” ancestors were slaughtered. I feel the struggle that made millions homeless, has fallen into a ditch, because we have lost our directions. Our beloved land needs us to stand again. Our great leader is asking us to be a nation again. Lets’ see, how long we take to realize it.