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Relocation of US Embassy to Jerusalem in Israel; Trump’s Perspective

Trump and Jerusalem

Jerusalem is sacred for all major religions of the world; Islam, Christianity and Judaism. It has a long history of conquests and falls. It remained under rule of Muslims from 12th century to 1948. Then the state of Israel was created occupying Palestine and ultimately Jerusalem was completely captured by Israel in Arab-Israel war of 1967. U.S played role of arbitrator in conflict of Israel-Palestine until 1995 when the U.S Senate passed a public law “Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995” to relocate the U.S embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem in Israel.

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So after the win of Donald Trump in presidential election of U.S., he faced protests across different states of America and different countries of world. Media represented him quite unsuitable and unfit for presidential candidature. However talking to voters of Donald Trump who supported him in election about his competence, they said that Trump is not hypocrite. He is extrovert and he does what he says and does not deceive people.

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Now coming towards recent decision of Trump to relocate U.S embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem, Trump said that he has fulfilled the promise he had made during his election campaign. He said that he had promised his people to implement the law and policy of U.S in its true spirit.


As stated earlier, in November 1995 Congress of U.S had passed a public law which is called “Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995” to relocate the U.S embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem in Israel no later than 1999. Legislators kept a waiver of 6 months for President of U.S that he could postpone the implementation for 6 months. This public law remained unimplemented by President Clinton, Bush and Obama who extended the waiver every six months. But now Trump has did not extended the waiver.

Trump had promised his supporters during election campaign for implementation of Act of 1995, unlike his predecessors who had this agenda in election campaign but later on refused to accomplish it. On the other hand Trump has justified his decisions by fulfilling his election promises.


So this is political vision and policy of Trump which is highly appreciated by his supporters and voters who want to protect their own vested interests with Israel. It is also said that this decision was taken after taking into confidence Arab allies of U.S in Middle East.

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