Jeremy McLellan is coming to Pakistan and We’re SUPER EXCITED!

There are few foreigners who respect Pakistan the way it deserves. Jeremy McLellan is definitely the “true ambassador” of Pakistan. He came here few years back. Since then, neither Pakistan has stopped talking about him nor he has forgotten Pakistan.

Jeremy has revealed names of his REAL Parents and Pakistani are SHOCKED! 

Now he is coming to Pakistan for a project and Pakistanis are super excited to host him,

Jeremy McLellan in Pakistan

After this tweet, our favourite comedian made more efforts to make us laugh;

Because few months back, a private channel in Pakistan said Imran Khan is his father 😆

Jeremy McLellan in Pakistan Some more about his Pro-Pakistaniyat

Jeremy McLellan in Pakistan Jeremy McLellan in Pakistan

Now this one is EPIC! Totally in accordance with Pakistani mentality

Have a safe flight Jeremy🤗

Is Jeremy PAID for his ProPakistaniyat???