After Amazon’s third quarter earnings report Jeff Bezos has once again ascended his throne as the world’s richest person…..

Amazon has reported its third quarter earnings few days back and has competently beat expected estimates for incomes and revenue generation. Afetr the report, the company’s shares have risen by 8%, each share is observed a jump of almost $80 from the previous day’s close.

According to recent SEC filing, Jeff Bezos the founder of Inc., the CEO of the company, owns 81 million shares of the stock. Multiplying this huge amount of money with the rise in the Amazon shares results with an increase of $6.44 billion in one day. However the number of Bezos shares could evolve since the filing. Recently Bezos worth is more than Bill Gates (when he was in Bezos place) according to data from Bloomberg.

Bezos owns a 17% stake in Amazon, in addition to a $3 billion stake in the Blue origin (his rocket company) along with a $250 million stake in the Washington post according to Bloomberg.

In company’s second quarter’s earnings, Bezos previous shift was also at the top of the billionaire’s list.

However the World’s richest man is not yet close to World’s most generous man like Bill Gates.