Its Imam-ul-Haq Now! But this Time People ARE NOT Buying the Woman Card!

There are fashion trends for instance long shirts are in and short shirts are out. Nowadays the trends are not in clothes or shoes or hairstyles, but also in lives of people. The top trend of these days is character assassination on social media. Whomever ever what so ever problem with anyone, or even jealousy, social media is the best platform to take revenge. Sometimes the problems are real and social media provides solution by conveying the message to concerned authorities, but mostly there are just “something to talk about”.

Ali Zafar-Meesha Shafi, Mohsin Abbas Haider-Fatima Sohail, and now how presenting our national hero Imam-ul-Haq.

Yes, a girl (unknown so far) has leaked screenshots of wats app chat trying to prove herself a victim and taking sahara of #MeToo.


There is no evidence that Imamul Haq was into any kind os Zabardasti with the girl. If there was no Zabardasti, means there was consent, thus how on earth this girl is a victim???

First time, people have given sensible comments;

I wish the nation finds something constructive to spend time!