Its Good to Walk Under the Shade of Quran, But its REQUIRED to Open and Read it!

There are somethings that we are believing since the time we did not even understand the meaning of believing. When unmarried girls image their Rukhsati, they imagine themselves leaving their father’s house and entering their groom’s house in the shade of Quran. However, our religion has never ever asked us to do so. Neither Prophets sent their daughters in shades of Qur’an, but they sent them in light of Qur’an.

What we need today is to open Qur’an and read what it says. It is said that when a human wants to talk to Allah he prays, and when he wants Allah to talk to him, he reads Qur’an. Because Qur’an is Allah’s word. We need to read it to know what Allah wants from us. Why Allah has sent us in this world. How Allah wants to complete our journey of this world and then get back to him.

With every passing day, the distance between us and Quran is increasing. Thats the reason we are surrounded by so many problems which have no solution.

Three qualities we look in our spouse and turn our marriage into a disaster 

How perfect the world would be IF the bride coming to your home understands the Qur’an. Its my personal observation that people who understand Qur’an in its best way, are the best people because they are bound on many moral grounds because of Quran. They set their limitations as per the limitations set by Allah.

P.S the article has nothing to do with Fawad Khan and his sister. Its just that the video triggered this idea in my mind so I thought of discussing it with my readers. I wish Fawad’s sister all the happiness in life and hereafter🤗