Islamabad Dharna Aftershocks

“Dharna”, “Jalao Ghairayoo”, “Shelling”, “Tear Gas” are some of the many words we are listening from morning. No matter which area of the country you are from, everyone is affected from the ongoing situation of countries. It looks like a war scene from many angles. However we are not hit by any external powers “apparently”, still we all are witnessing something beyond understanding.

Whatever the protesters are doing in the name of “Naamoos-e-Risaalat”, do not go with the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Our religion is the religion of peace, then how come one create this mess in the name of religion. One policeman is martyred, many injured, a number of other losses, for what…

Pictures are giving little insight of the “Toor Phoor” carried out by the “muzahireen”. But it looks like the losses are even worst than these pictures.

May Allah protect our beloved country from evil eye, Ameen.