Is Aima Baig “Actually” Performing With Arif Paint Wala???

Arif Paint wala is the latest internet sensation like Chai Wala and Tarbooz Wala. This time the different thing is that its not about looks only, but the guy has real talent.

His voice is actually very melodious. The guy was about to get a break, but then something happened. From yesterday, social media is filled with the news of Arif Paint Wala performing with the coke studio sensation Aima Baig on independence day. However the reality is different. Recently Aima Baig’s manager has Sachai se parda utha dia and said, ‘No one asked before publishing this story. This news is entirely false. Aima is currently not booked for any Independence Day shows’.

So the whole story turns out to be fake, unfortunately. We became so excited that the poor paint wala will be famous now :(… But you never know, there are still few days left in independence day, maybe someone actually books the singers ;).