iPhone XS Max Call Drop Issue, Is There A Solution?

Talking to some beloved one or having a hard talk with your colleague, or closing deal with your client, suddenly you feel like talking to no one as your iPhone XS Max dropped your call. Wait…!!! What??? Yes, that’s the thing going around since the previous model launched in September 2018. There are more complains about this model then any other iPhone model.

Call dropping

Thinking for an upgrade? Just don’t buy iPhone XS Max

Why I am writing about this now? Well, actually some people still feel it is network problem, which is not. So, in Pakistan average person can not think about buying Apple’s newest device, because they insanely expensive with topping of extra taxes here it cost your super expansive. Now is the time when Apple launch new mobile device, a chain of up-gradation takes place.

Generally people switch from older version to one less older iPhone model. For instance, someone using Apple iPhone 7 Plus will upgrade to 8 Apple iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X. Which is good in a way.

But here, those who wants to switch to Apple iPhone XS max, I strongly oppose this upgrade “Paisay bachao bhai!!!” (save your money brother). It’s not worth it. I personally bought it from US, actually not personally my friend bought it for me from there. It is an amazing phone, beautiful, stylish, durable, not the best but a great camera. But iPhone XS Max call dropping issue is the pain the a**. If your work keeps you moving then you gonna smash it to the wall, like what the hell it is, it drops call so often. International warranty made me enjoyed 3 more Apple iPhone XS Max device but all had same problem. Eventually I shifted back to my Google Pixel 2 XL (loving this phone, it camera is amazing), and yes it does not drop my calls.

Any Solution?

In case, you already own the Apple iPhone XS Max and facing call drop issue, there are some solutions, I say temporary solutions which as follows,

  1. Reboot your iPhone (soft reset).
  2. Upgrade you service provider setting in settings > general > about
  3. Install the latest version of IOS available
  4. Reset network settings

Try above given solution, you might be able reduce call drop issue.

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Feature image credit: zdnet.com